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Jeff's assistance was crucial in helping us locate the best possible venue for our 2010 partners meeting in NYC. Jeff''s contract expertise helped our organization avoid paying significant undisclosed hotel fees. He exceeded our expectations and his professional expertise and follow through was critical in our hotel negotiations. I highly recommend Jeff and his company Conference Planning Resources.
Robyn Zapppola, Assistant to CEO, Crowe Horwath International

    If you already have specs for your program, allow CPR℠ event planning services to transform your existing information into a stellar Request for Proposal that will set the hotel sales representative up for success when presenting your opportunity to their internal team. When hotels have a greater understanding of all of your needs and overall revenue value, your organization will be in a better position to obtain more competitive responses from the bidding hotel(s).
    Our RFPs exceed hotel industry standards and are often models for other organizations.

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    Stop spending endless hours or days trying to find viable hotel options in various destinations that can accommodate your meeting specifications. CPR's access to state-of-the-art software coupled with its broad base hotel knowledge can often reduce this time consuming exercise down to a matter of minutes!

    CPR℠ will provide you with a thorough report of our findings, married with formal proposals and appropriate hotel sales collateral.

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    Once you short list the hotels, CPR℠ event planning services will coordinate with the hotel sales representative's and your schedule to generate a comprehensive itinerary, ensuring you maximize your time when inspecting the hotels. From the moment you arrive into a city or destination until the moment you leave, CPR℠ can assist with coordinating every detail. We work with the hotels, the CVBs and destination management companies to arrange flights, airport transfers and overnight stays, often seeking complimentary services and stays and/or partial reimbursement.
    A CPR℠ event planning service agent can also accompany you on the sites to ensure that every detail is handled and to see the program and space needs through your eyes.


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    Having completed the site inspection(s), CPR℠ event planning services will be by your side to assist you behind the scenes ensuring you have everything needed prior to making the final decision or prior to presenting to a president, board of directors, committee, or superior. Whether you need menus, floor plans, A/V price lists, CPR℠ event planning services will make sure that there are no hidden costs and you are aware of all the fine print so there are no surprises during contract negotiations.

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    Rate – Ah, that famous buzz phrase, consortia buying power!  Everyone talks about how strong their consortia buying power is with hotels. The bottom line - if you know how present an attractive piece of business, have some flexibility with your dates or pattern, can layer with or stack upon existing hotel business and know the hotel's soft periods, you can have your business opportunity fit the hotel's revenue model. Combine that with the additional fire power of CPR℠ event planning services helping you navigate through the hotel contract and your organization will have the same advantages of someone claiming to have superior consortia buying power. 

    Some organizations are so focused on obtaining the best guestroom rate they often don't realize what they are leaving on the table. Ensuring you are better positioned during contract negotiations can save your organization much more than the negotiated rate!

    Contract Negotiations – CPR℠ event planning services will better protect your organization with the following strategies:

    • Bringing your attention to and suggesting how to reduce unforeseen financial liabilities
    • Identifying the hotels' pricing, concession and contract negotiation thresholds while still ensuring everything is fair and equitable for both you and the hotel
    • Sharing extremely unique state-of-the-art contract clauses to better protect your organization
    • Expediting the internal process and turn around time should an in-house legal counsel need to review, as CPR's protective clauses have already been written into your contract
    • Allowing you to maintain control throughout the process, making all final decisions and signing the contract

    CPR℠ event planning services ensures a seamless registration process. Our customer service and expertise provide your attendees with a smoothly run event from the beginning. We attend to both housing & registration simultaneously, helping you to avoid attrition and keep attendees happy.

    Services include:

    • Coordinate registration and act as central point of contact
    • Coordinate/provide badges, tickets and other materials to attendees
    • Registration system options customized to your needs
    • Mailing list/invitation management
    • RSVP/registration processing
    • Track information and provide reports
    • Dedicated managers
    • E-transfers
    • Onsite audits as well as pre- and post-event audits
    • Accurate reports
    • Registration linked with housing

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    CPR℠ event planning service realizes the importance of planning the perfect event and the value of the impression left on the guests. With our innovative options, we make it easy for you to create everything from theme parties and teambuilding events to custom tours.

    Services include:

    • Budget development
    • Locating the proper venue and vendors
    • Negotiating rates
    • Creative themes
    • Invitations, décor and entertainment
    • VIP assistance
    • Oversee events on-site to completion
    • Arranging speakers
    • Exhibit & tradeshow management
    • Coordinating destination management details
    • Audiovisual coordination & price negotiating
    • Food & beverage coordination & price negotiation

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    CPR℠ event planning services will get you there—whether your participants are arriving by air, require ground transportation assistance or any required form of transport. Moving from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to special off-site events is not only simplified with CPR's planning, but we have the information on and access to the best deals for your group.

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